Landmark Lofts and Garden Apartments: Arranging Your Home For The Summer: Plants, Staple Pieces, and More

Summer is upon us and that means sprucing up our homes to match its ambiance. With our many fine ideas you can enjoy the Summer vibes in your Landmark Lofts & Garden apartment. We're here to prove that apartment living can be a blast. Read on to find out more. Making Your Home Come Alive There is nothing like making your apartment come alive with decorations. How does one do that? With plants of course. Bring some fresh plant air into your home with some indoor plants. These include: Snake plant Rubber [...]

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How to Grow Your Own Strawberries, Mint and Basil for Delicious Mocktails

Landmark Lofts & Garden is a prestigious rental space that offers top-notch living and outstanding amenities. It features one and two-bedroom apartments, loft styling, a large balcony or patio, extra storage, ceiling fans, riverfront views, and large walk-in closets. The apartments are perfect for creating your little indoor forest with vegetables, fruits, and herbs. This article will guide you on how to plant indoors and be successful. Picking the Perfect Spot in Your Home When it comes to planting, picking the perfect spot in your apartment is everything. The list [...]

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How to Create an Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden

An indoor kitchen herb garden is beneficial for many reasons. Indoor plants are bright, your kitchen saves you money, they are sustainable low maintenance and an excellent aesthetic to apartment living, and they are a fun project to do. Read on to find some DIY hacks and must-haves to add to your landmark lofts and garden apartment. Before You Start: Must-Have Items Firstly, there are some must-have plants and kitchen herbs that one cannot have missing in their indoor kitchen herb garden, and these include: Basil Bay leaves Oregano Parsley [...]

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Plants, Vegetables, & Herbs You Can Grow in Your Home at The Landmark Lofts & Gardens

One of the best things about your apartment at The Landmark Lofts & Gardens is that your home is naturally illuminated with sunlight. Use that light to grow indoor plants! Gardening, whether growing vegetables in containers in front of the windows or stylish pots on your kitchen counter in an indoor herb planter, can be a fun way to grow your veggies. Plants, Vegetables, & Herbs Best for Indoors A quick Google search of nurseries in the New Braunfels, Texas, area reveals that there are many places you can go to buy plants and [...]

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