Landmark Lofts & Garden is a prestigious rental space that offers top-notch living and outstanding amenities. It features one and two-bedroom apartments, loft styling, a large balcony or patio, extra storage, ceiling fans, riverfront views, and large walk-in closets. The apartments are perfect for creating your little indoor forest with vegetables, fruits, and herbs. This article will guide you on how to plant indoors and be successful.

Picking the Perfect Spot in Your Home

When it comes to planting, picking the perfect spot in your apartment is everything. The list below explains what to look for when creating an indoor planting system. Follow this template, and you will have a little garden quickly.

Ample Light

Picking a place with natural light is essential in growing your fruits and vegetables. Most plants need a full day (6 to 8 hours of sunlight). Using the large balcony in your Landmark Lofts & Garden apartment will ensure you get all the sunlight needed to grow most fruits and flowers. Salad greens and herbs can be planted indoors in your kitchen because they do not rely on much sunlight.


Water is everything which makes the balcony the perfect spot for planting. Plants need a lot of water, some more than others. Choosing the ideal spot is everything. The balcony also gives your plants access to natural forms of water, including rain. Otherwise, you can create a setup that ensures water, including a hosepipe attached to the sink or water cans specifically for watering your plants.


Protect your plants from the wind; wind can tear your plants apart by dropping the pots. To ensure you can place a wind block, including a screen and railing. Additionally, you can purchase large, heavy pots that can withstand any wind.

Indoor Plant Care

Perfect Apartments for Indoor Plants

Landmark Lofts & Garden offers tenants open views, ensuring perfect sunlight. These modern apartments are perfect for starting a little indoor garden. Its large patios and balconies are ideal for growing strawberries, herbs, and flowers.