An indoor kitchen herb garden is beneficial for many reasons. Indoor plants are bright, your kitchen saves you money, they are sustainable low maintenance and an excellent aesthetic to apartment living, and they are a fun project to do. Read on to find some DIY hacks and must-haves to add to your landmark lofts and garden apartment.

Before You Start: Must-Have Items

Firstly, there are some must-have plants and kitchen herbs that one cannot have missing in their indoor kitchen herb garden, and these include:

  • Basil
  • Bay leaves
  • Oregano
  • Parsley

Having an indoor kitchen garden is innovative and saves you a lot of time and money. You constantly have fresh herbs around you to cook and garnish your dishes. Moreover, you can dry up some herbs and grind your spices from home.

Choosing the Perfect Spot: Tips from Pros

You can place your plants in any size container when creating your indoor kitchen herb garden, provided it fits. If you are using containers such as mason jars e.t.c it is essential to remember to place a nice layer of pebbles in the bottom. This will catch all the excess moisture and prevent your potting soil from getting oversaturated.

Choose the sunniest spot in the kitchen, as plants need adequate sunlight to grow. Place your herbs closest to the brightest window. Also, remember to :

  • Not water your herbs too much– It doesn’t take that much water to sustain small herbs. Ensure the soil is consistently moist but do not overwater your plant.
  • Harvest a few herbs at a time: Pinch a few leaves off or simply snip them with kitchen shears. This encourages more growth.

Enjoy Apartment Therapy

Indoor plants are a great apartment therapy. Kitchen plants promote sound energy and clean air while they brighten your kitchen. Invest in some indoor kitchen herbs; they are worthwhile.