Upgrade Your Apartment With These Blind Alternatives

If you are a renter in Landmark Loft & Garden Apartments in New Rainfalls, Texas, you will want to enjoy the beautiful views offered by these modern luxury apartments. The one and two bedrooms look out over the infinity pool and gardens, lush Landa Park, and Comal Canal. The Texas sun shines brightly every day, so curtains are apartment must-haves. One of the easiest ways to change the whole feel of your apartment is to take down any industrial-looking Venetian blinds, cookie-cutter vertical blinds, or bland roll-up blinds and replace them with alternatives. [...]

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The Landmark Lofts & Garden:Elevate Your Home With These Dresser Alternatives

The Landmark Loft & Garden Apartments in New Braunfels, Texas, are modern, luxurious apartments. The unparalleled, upscale homes offer apartment living like nowhere else in Texas. They have fantastic floor plans for their one and two-bedroom apartments. In addition to deluxe amenities, you also get a panoramic view of Comal Canal and Landa Park. However, no apartment is perfect, and one way to brighten your room is to have one of the apartment must-haves: a dresser or its alternatives. Having suitable dresser alternatives make for excellent apartment therapy so try [...]

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