The Landmark Loft & Garden Apartments in New Braunfels, Texas, are modern, luxurious apartments. The unparalleled, upscale homes offer apartment living like nowhere else in Texas. They have fantastic floor plans for their one and two-bedroom apartments. In addition to deluxe amenities, you also get a panoramic view of Comal Canal and Landa Park. However, no apartment is perfect, and one way to brighten your room is to have one of the apartment must-haves: a dresser or its alternatives. Having suitable dresser alternatives make for excellent apartment therapy so try the following:

Before You Start: Must-Have Items

Try these dresser alternatives for your apartment:


An armoire is a tall, free-standing closet where you can put your clothes. They are a seventeenth-century invention but now include drawers and other features. You can get one from IKEA and use IKEA hacks to put it together even when you have minimal space.

Bachelor’s Chest

As you can infer from the name, the Bachelor’s Chest was meant to hold clothes for only one person. It is much like a dresser but substantially smaller. It is a fantastic alternative to a dresser, especially if you have little space and few clothes.

Choosing the Perfect Spot: Tips from the Pros

Use the following tip from the pros for a dresser alternative:

Use Unexpected Spaces

Many people’s bedrooms have enough space, but people do not know how to use them. One of the best Diy hacks for dresser alternatives is to use unexpected spaces. Spaces in the corners are usually unused. Putting the furniture in unique angles will also help you take advantage of unexpected spaces.

Dresser Alternatives And Where To Put Them

Armories are a good dresser alternative for those with space and many clothes. Contrarily, Bachelor’s chests are ideal for small spaces and few clothes. Use unexpected spaces to ensure dresser alternatives fit into the room.