If you are a renter in Landmark Loft & Garden Apartments in New Rainfalls, Texas, you will want to enjoy the beautiful views offered by these modern luxury apartments. The one and two bedrooms look out over the infinity pool and gardens, lush Landa Park, and Comal Canal. The Texas sun shines brightly every day, so curtains are apartment must-haves. One of the easiest ways to change the whole feel of your apartment is to take down any industrial-looking Venetian blinds, cookie-cutter vertical blinds, or bland roll-up blinds and replace them with alternatives.

Choosing the Perfect Window Covering: Tips From The Experts

Once you take down the blinds, you have many ways to brighten your room using DIY hacks and Ikea hacks. Design experts recommend the following window blind alternatives:

  • Keeping the existing curtain rod and choosing a single-panel curtain with interesting grommets
  • Choosing sheer cotton or thin linen curtains to let light in while at the same time maintaining privacy
  • Installing heavy velvet drapes in a rich dark color adds an elegant look and also cools rooms by keeping the hot sun out
  • Hanging bead or macrame curtains are one of the latest apartment trends if you like Bohemian looks

The least damaging window treatment for those who want privacy is peel-off window film, which comes in textured or frosted design. When it is time to move, you remove it.

Window Dressing is Lovely Apartment Therapy

Want to enhance your apartment living without spending much? Consider apartment must-haves such as single-panel curtains, designer curtain rods, and tie-backs. You can also brighten your room by hanging crystals or mirrors in the windows. Furthermore, changing your blinds is one of the best ways to change the look of the apartment without damaging the walls, thus guaranteeing the return of your rent deposit.