So, what is cozycore? Well, cozycore is a must-try design that’s all about adding layers. Make your Landmark Lofts & Garden nice and cozy this fall and embrace the Autumnal ambiance. Fall is all about the natural rustic design, candles, and layering, of course!

Adding Sophisticated Layers

There is no cozycore without layering; its entire idea revolves around layering. Cozycore is quick and easy and adds the perfect Autumn ambiance to apartment living. Cozycore is all about layering textures and accessories. Layer your couches with cushions and blankets. Layer your floors with rugs and carpets and make your home feel fall ready.

You should also focus on layering fall colors to create the perfect Autumn ambiance. Fall colors include:

  • yellow
  • orange
  • brown
  • red

Think deeply about what you’re layering and how you’re layering it, and layer with sophistication.

Lighting for a Cozy Mood

Lighting is an intricate and significant part of creating an ambiance within a home. Fall is all about dim lighting that creates a warm and cozy feeling. Candles are a great way to add fall lighting. What better way to add warmth than a bit of fire, right? To add to that, a lovely fireplace can add to the ambiance. Another great way to add to the Autumn lighting is by adding fairy lights.

Fall is the coziest season, and the decor should speak for itself. Coziness is the main goal so do whatever you can to make it as cozy as possible. Don’t forget to add some fall scents to your home; it’s all about making everything work together and creating the perfect Autumn atmosphere within your apartment.

Make the Most of Cozycore

Cozycore is the next best decor idea for the fall season. Invest in creating the perfect Autumnal ambiance this fall season. Winter is a pretty cold season; it could use every bit of warmth it can get so get to adding it.