Why ‘Cozycore’ Is a Design You Have To Try for the Winter Season at Landmark Loft & Apartments

'Cozycore' is an emerging trend that everyone loves this season. It is rooted in classic design theories, such as Hygge, a Danish concept focusing on enjoying simple pleasures and basic comforts. This aesthetic is easy to implement in your own space. It is not only for homeowners, but it is also ideal for apartment living at The Landmarks Lofts & Garden. Here are some great tips for making your space as cozy and inviting as possible during the chilly winter and fall months. Adding Sophisticated Layers Adding textures and layers is [...]

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Having Fun This Holiday in Your Apartment: Decorations, Activities, and Baked Desserts!

The Landmark Lofts & Garden is an upscale apartment development in New Braunfels, TX. This unique property has been designed to provide a residential experience that combines exquisite amenities and modern comforts. Offering both luxury and convenience, The Landmark Lofts & Garden is the perfect place to call home. The Landmark Lofts & Gardens features various lavish apartments ranging in size from one-bedroom lofts to two-bedroom units. All units have been constructed with care and detail, offering a cozy atmosphere filled with modern luxuries. Staying Indoors: Games and Desserts With cozycore being [...]

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Why ‘Cozycore’ Is a Design You Have To Try for Fall & Winter

So, what is cozycore? Well, cozycore is a must-try design that's all about adding layers. Make your Landmark Lofts & Garden nice and cozy this fall and embrace the Autumnal ambiance. Fall is all about the natural rustic design, candles, and layering, of course! Adding Sophisticated Layers There is no cozycore without layering; its entire idea revolves around layering. Cozycore is quick and easy and adds the perfect Autumn ambiance to apartment living. Cozycore is all about layering textures and accessories. Layer your couches with cushions and blankets. Layer your floors [...]

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