The Landmark Luxury Apartments in New Braunfels offer residents a modernized lifestyle in a gentrified historical setting that is right next to Landa Park. These loft-style and garden-style apartment rentals have gorgeous, well-appointed bathrooms with cultured marble vanities. Elevating the look of your bathroom is as simple as decorating it with a few well-chosen antique pieces in either the Tropicalcore or Neo-classical styles.

Decluttering Your Space

No matter what style suits you, it’s best to declutter your bathroom space to create a clean slate for expressing your taste. This is especially important if you consider decorating n the Neoclassical style, which is all about elegance and clean marble surfaces. Be sure to pack all containers, shampoo bottles, and toothpaste tubes away, preferably in a mirrored chest.

You should also declutter if you decorate your bathroom in the popular Tropicalcore style, which features bold beach and jungle-life motifs. This look is bright and features palm trees, parrots, and flamingos. This look can be a bit kitsch, with fabulous fifties or tiki retro elements. All things wicker and bamboo are part of tropicalcore apartment living.

Elevate Your Bathroom For The Summer

Elevating your bathroom for the summer means organizing it to showcase your taste. The least invasive way to do this without painting the walls is to change your shower curtain,

The Neo-Classical look suits filmy fabric curtains with a light gold or sapphire sheen. The Tropicalcore look usually has a palm tree or flamingo motif. Transparent shower curtains and liners suit both styles of budget decor.

Bathroom Hacks Include Vintage Objects

Decorating with objects of interest is part of groovy apartment living. Peel-off decorative stickers can give mirrors and windows a faux frame. You can find interesting glass jars, antique soap dishes, and hand blown glass perfume bottles in antique stores that can give your bathroom an elegant touch.