Time to Declutter Your Wardrobe at Landmark Lofts and Garden Apartments

Does your closet need an update? The Landmark Lofts & Garden is the only place you need to look. Our flats are the perfect place to change up your clothes without making any changes that will last. Let's look at the basic and maximalist styles of fashion and see how The Landmark Lofts & Garden can help you. Out With the Old, In With the New At The Landmark Lofts & Garden, we put the safety and well-being of our renters first. As apartments, we don't let anyone make lasting or harmful [...]

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Transforming Your Bathroom On a Budget

The Landmark Luxury Apartments in New Braunfels offer residents a modernized lifestyle in a gentrified historical setting that is right next to Landa Park. These loft-style and garden-style apartment rentals have gorgeous, well-appointed bathrooms with cultured marble vanities. Elevating the look of your bathroom is as simple as decorating it with a few well-chosen antique pieces in either the Tropicalcore or Neo-classical styles. Decluttering Your Space No matter what style suits you, it's best to declutter your bathroom space to create a clean slate for expressing your taste. This is especially important [...]

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