Top Trends in Apartment Living at The Landmark Lofts & Garden Apartments

Feel the modern atmosphere offered at The Landmark Lofts & Garden Apartments. There's no better time to enjoy apartment living right by gorgeous Landa Park as we enter the new season. New Braunfels is such an exciting place to be, and with spring well on the way, it's even better. What's Trending in Your City? As the weather begins to warm up, why not take advantage of all the tremendous water-based activities New Braunfels has to offer? With Landa Park and the Comal River right on your doorstep, it's the perfect time [...]

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How to Celebrate Black History Month in New Braunfels

February brings another cause for celebration. It's Black History Month, and there are so many great things to learn about this special celebration. So get ready to learn about significant figures at The Landmark apartments. Supporting Black-Owned Businesses One way of supporting Black History is by supporting black-owned businesses. This should be done throughout the year and not only in Black History Month. There are several ways to support black-owned businesses in your community. It may seem obvious, but one of the first things people can do to help black-owned businesses [...]

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Decorate Your The Landmark Lofts & Garden Apartment for A Festive Holiday Season

It is that time again when loved ones unite to celebrate the ever-so-beautiful festive season together. Save yourself some time for fun this festive season by getting yourself decorations that will take you all through Christmas straight into the New Year. The perfect location for this festive season is The Landmark Loft and Garden. Decorations That Transition From Christmas & Into New Year There are plenty of holiday decorations to choose from for Christmas. However, New Year can sound a bit tricky, so let's talk about keeping your festive decoration through [...]

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