Being inactive all day long in your apartment can get to you, and if you think home workouts are a yawn, you should think again! If you are short on time or the gym is not just your thing clear out a space in your sitting room and get ready to sweat.

Here are some fun workouts for indoors:

Beginner routine: These ten picks for beginner bodyweight will give you a full-body workout; complete three sets of 17 reps of each exercise, with a one-minute rest interval between each move. This circuit usually takes about 1 hour for a greater beginner routine.

Bridge: Staying active to activate your posterior chain with a bridge during warm-up is a great exercise to get you going.

Chair squat: This helps strengthen your legs, making everyday movements easier. Try starting with a stool underneath to help you master proper form.

Knee push-up: This is a beginner-style push-up. It will help build strength before attempting a regular push-up while getting gradual strength.

Stationary lunge: Hit your hamstrings, quads, and glutes with a stationary lunge to get you on your working-out indoors routine.

Plank to downward dog: This style will test your upper body parts, especially the shoulders and chest. No one said you needed weights for a shoulder workout.

Straight-leg donkey kick: Build those glutes staying active with donkey kicks.

Forearm plank: It is a full-body exercise that requires strength and balance. Planks help put the energy into overdrive.

Side-lying hip abduction: Your hip muscles also need to stay active. You shouldn’t wait till you need it.

You can stay indoors all day long, however, you need to stay active and have a workout routine to keep you healthy and moving!