You’ll love the peaceful surroundings of The Landmark Lofts & Garden and New Braunfels. But even the most tranquil homes can sometimes benefit from soundproofing. You might think soundproofing is off the table in an apartment, but there are plenty of renter-friendly tips you can try.

Why You Should Soundproof Your Home

Maybe you’re a late riser and could do with blocking out the sounds of nearby early birds. Or perhaps you’ve taken advantage of a pet-friendly apartment living at The Landmark and have a new family member who doesn’t yet know how to stay calm and keep it down.

You might want to add soundproofing to your home. It’s surprising how much a relaxing day and peaceful night’s rest can change your mood.

Must-Have Items You Need to Try

Soft furnishings are probably the easiest and most effective way to soundproof apartment living. If you’re worried about disturbing neighbors when walking on your hardwood floors, a cozy rug can make all the difference and add charm, even in smaller spaces.

A wall-hanging or tapestry will block a surprising amount of sound, and with the appropriate fixings, they’re renter-friendly. Target has a vast range to fit all wall sizes and decor styles – budget-friendly too!

You might want to consider a white noise machine to help block any sound that does get through and soften any noises coming from your home. You can pick up highly-rated machines for around $20, and they can make a huge difference in your life.

Enjoying Apartment Living With Your Soundproofing Hacks

You’ll love your Landmark apartment more than ever with just a few tweaks. You might be surprised how easy it is to drown out unwanted sounds and enjoy the stunning views. Here’s to a new, more peaceful you!