The Fourth of July is a staple of the summer season. Celebrate our liberties and our wonderful country while spending time with friends and family. Consider all the wonderful times you spent as a child playing outside, eating too many hot dogs, and then seeing the sky explode with fireworks that you could still see on the inside of your eyelids. There is a reason why people consistently rank Independence Day as one of their top five favorite holidays. When it comes to organizing a Fourth of July cookout, there are many apartment trends to think about, from how you will style your front entry to what snacks and beverages you want to serve your guests.

Getting Ready to Celebrate

Red, White, and Blue Place Settings

Having a patriotic breakfast table set up in the morning will kick off your Fourth of July party. To create a layered, sophisticated aesthetic, start with a tablecloth made of red and white gingham, then add placemats made of rattan or natural fibers, as well as blue and white china. Watermelon slices placed in fruit dishes complete the table to celebrate at The Landmark Lofts & Garden.

Charcuterie Boards, Grilling, & More

Boost your everyday BBQ

The backyard BBQ is a mainstay of Fourth of July celebrations. Here’s a 4th of July suggestion to kick yours up a notch, create a hot dog or burger bar with a range of additional condiments. Consider pickled jalapenos, shredded cheese, chile, and crushed Doritos. Add a few bottles of other barbecue sauces to experiment with as well. Or there’s no rule requiring you to stick to hamburgers! Experiment with grilled sausage, shrimp, salmon, vegetables, popcorn, or other foods.


To enjoy your Fourth of July decorations for a while, it is preferable to freshen up your space around two weeks before the celebration. Patriotic decorations can, however, be left up for the first half of the summer if you choose to go all out with your decorating ideas. Commence your Memorial Day decorating in the middle of May, and continue it through Flag Day in the middle of June and Independence Day in the middle of July.