There may be something to the saying “a place for everything and everything in its place.” There’s no doubt that organization and cleanliness have many functional benefits. However, research also indicates that there are certain mental health benefits as well. It turns out that a clean and organized environment has both mental and functional benefits.

Making Your Bed and Your Mental Health

Obviously, there are many functional benefits to having a clean and organized home, beginning with making your bed. First of all, making your bed sets the tone for a productive day. It also sets the tone for a clean and organized approach to your day. As a result, there’s a tendency to be more productive. Making your bed lowers your stress and elevates your mood. An organized and attractive atmosphere looks better and improves your sleep. Research from the National Sleep Foundation discovered that people who make their beds are at least nineteen percent more inclined to get a good night’s sleep.

Creating the Perfect Atmosphere

Making your bed is a great way to start your day because it’s the first purposeful act of the day. Creating an organized and attractive environment at the start of your day can be contagious. This simple task can motivate you to do other things to help you accomplish more in your day. An organized space helps cultivate peace, making focusing on other productive activities easy. Peace and organization help to improve mental health. These actions work by creating space for other activities. These actions are also helpful in healing your home and enhancing the apartment living experience.

Creating Space for Mental Health in Apartment Living

Not only does making your bed create a tidy and organized environment, but research indicates that it also promotes better sleep when bedtime rolls around again. These points promote peace which is a big part of mental health. Mental health practices can be both large and small. Making your bed every morning is one way to add to your peace of mind and the purposefulness of your day.