Many of us would agree that our homes are our sanctuaries. Home is where we are most comfortable, can be ourselves, and often express ourselves in many different ways. Also, where we make a home can vary greatly, from apartments and condos to country retreats far away from people. However, one thing remains the same, home is where we want to be comfortable and happy.

Before You Start: Must-Have Items

vision board is nothing more than brainstorming. Vision boards bring your ideas and preferences to life. This is the first step in the design process. It’s like throwing all your ideas at a wall and stepping back to look. Not everything will stick, and you’ll end up removing some of the things that stick; however, what´s left will help you build your vision and bring it to fruition. You can use any medium you choose to create a vision board. Many people forego a physical display/vision board and opt for a digital one. Either way, you can create a vision board to display your ideas using any medium. The first step is to choose the medium you want to use to display your ideas. Start with your non-negotiables and choose a color pallet. Initially, it’s best not to edit your ideas. This step comes later. Cram as many of your ideas on your vision board and step back to look at the big picture. Usually, this step will give you an initial glance at what works and what doesn’t.

Choosing the Perfect Interior Design

Apartment Living can be Amazing. If you live in an apartment home, there are many things that you can do to personalize your space. You can brighten your room or any room in your apartment home. From DIY hacks to Ikea hacks, you’re not limited just because you’re renting your space. The goal and idea are to make your home a therapeutic, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable place to spend time. Apartment Therapy is a real thing. Once you’ve noted your non-negotiables and assessed the space you must work with, the sky is truly the limit. Use your vision board to create the big picture, and slowly eliminate the things that don’t fit your vision once you see your ideas displayed in one place.