Fall apartment essentials should be a fun focus this year at the Landmark Lofts and Garden. So, put on your shopping footwear and head to the store for fresh fall season ingredients.

We have chosen five fall drinks to add to your life this year. Experts say these beverages are required to lift the spirits in apartment living, and we agree.

Besides, living here means that you have access to excellent views and amenities.

Fresh Ingredients for the Season

Part of living a full life means experiencing as much as possible. Fresh ingredients add to healthy eating (or drinking).

One place to buy fresh produce for fall season drinks is at the New Braunfels Farmers Market, downtown. Another is Stahlmans at Bear Creek Farm Stand and Pecans.

Where these fall drink recipes don’t suggest fresh ingredients, add your own. In that way, you make healthier choices.

Enjoying the Cozy Weather

We have chosen five favorite fall drinks for the season. Make these fall apartment essentials and share them with friends and family.

If your patio doesn’t have a view of the Comal River, no problem. You can make your beverages at the communal cabana with BBQ and food prep area. Just check whether you’re allowed alcohol in this space.

Here are our five top fall drinks this season:

  1. Apple Amaretto Sours – A refreshing fall season drink to experiment with before the winter sets in.
  2. Orange & Coffee Martini – Not for the faint-hearted!
  3. Honey Coffee – A mixture of healthy honey and delicious coffee.
  4. Pumpkin milkshakes – Loads of sumptuous luxury and sweetness that only takes 10 minutes to prep.
  5. Fluffy Hot Chocolate – Quick and simple to make and always a winner.

Apartment Living at Its Best

The fall season in New Braunfels is the best. You can appreciate the comfort of fall apartment essentials like indoor living (with comfort drinks). Or you can make your way downtown. There, you can visit historic landmarks, browse charming shops, or visit art galleries.

Of course, you can also walk your precious pet in one of the many dog-friendly places like the Puppy Playland Dog Park.

Whatever you decide, life is full in New Braunfels, so explore it to the fullest.