There are plenty of recipes for you to try out this season. The keywords are pumpkin spice and apple desserts! Make apartment living at The Landmarks Loft that much better by getting together with the family and some friends so that you can wow them with your chef skills. Read below to get some ideas on what food to make this fall.

Treats For the Season

One of the season’s most iconic “fall” foods is apple butter. A thick spread of pureed apples, cooked with sugar, lemon juice, and vanilla bean, it’s fall’s warm answer to summer’s bright, acidic plum jams. No matter what you are doing or where you are, when it’s October, you must eat apples until you can’t stand them anymore. The varieties available in markets keep things interesting all season until you are finally ready to succumb to pumpkin a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. Here are some apple desserts that you can make:

  • Apple Fritter Cake with Butterscotch Glaze
  • Seasonal Schalet
  • Pumpkin cake pops
  • Oven-Fried Apple Pie with Spiced Shortening Crust

Pumpkin spice is a must this fall season. Forget the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks and make them for yourself at home. There will be a lot of pumpkins to go around, which means you will have the chance to explore and experiment in the kitchen. Here are some recipes you can try:

  • Pumpkin coffee cake – this is good for a dessert snack after dinner or having it for breakfast in the morning.
  • Pumpkin butter – replace your usual butter with pumpkin butter; it is full of flavor, and you will enjoy the change.
  • Bake some pumpkin bread or muffins – this will be a fun thing to experiment with the little ones or some of your friends while you have them over for Halloween

Halloween DIY

It’s already that time of year! Decorate your home with scary, terrifying homemade Halloween decorations. Halloween house decor is to be loved; try not to be too overboard. Something uniquely fun about having creepy things dress up your home, even if you only get one month to do it! But just because Halloween lends itself to the gruesome and spooky doesn’t mean that your home décor has to be that way. There are many ways to add an elegant twist to your Halloween décor by checking out what decorations you like and making them at home.

Enjoy Apartment living at The Landmark Lofts

Be sure to incorporate all the tips above to have some fantastic fall fun. Apartment living has never been this easy. So many ideas, decorations, and fall recipes are just begging and waiting for you to try them. Just don’t forget to put the scissors away!