It is that time again when loved ones unite to celebrate the ever-so-beautiful festive season together. Save yourself some time for fun this festive season by getting yourself decorations that will take you all through Christmas straight into the New Year. The perfect location for this festive season is The Landmark Loft and Garden.

Decorations That Transition From Christmas & Into New Year

There are plenty of holiday decorations to choose from for Christmas. However, New Year can sound a bit tricky, so let’s talk about keeping your festive decoration through both holidays. Small tricks such as keeping your Christmas color code more neutral can work in your favor if you’re looking to make those decorations last through to the New Year. Removing red from your color scheme can tone down the Christmas feel and leave your decorations relating more to both holidays. Greenery is also an excellent Christmas-to-New-Year decoration option.

A Checklist for Creating a Winter Wonderland in Your Apartment

Some Trending Christmas items for a fabulous winter wonderland decorated apartment are fresh flowers, fairy lights, fuzzy pastel wallpaper, artificial snow, clear and blue glass ornaments, and a white Christmas tree.

These can be used to create a beautiful and ethereal winter look and bring the beauty of the season into your apartment. There’s something classy and timeless about a winter wonderland theme. The icy look while warm indoors makes you enjoy winter and the holiday season. You can purchase some of the decorations you need at H-E-B Supermarket.

Have Fun with Your Holiday Decorations

Utilize all of the above tips to achieve the best Christmas decoration theme. Most of the aforementioned tricks and information are simple, quick, and easy to pull off. And after enjoying decorating and staying indoors, go out and enjoy yourself in the beautiful city. Perhaps a trip to the Comal River would be a way to ease your mind, body, and soul.