Cooking a Thanksgiving meal for loved ones is a universal love language — there’s no better way to show you care for friends and family than a home-cooked meal during the holiday season. The only problem? Cooking a Thanksgiving meal in small kitchens can be stressful. Avoid the headache and make sure you’re well prepared with these tips and tricks — cooking in your loft-style Landmark Lofts & Garden home can be fun and relaxed, not scary!

What’s On the Menu

Depending on how many guests are coming and what their vibe is, decide whether or not you want to opt for a big three-course meal or get creative with snacks, appetizers, and finger foods instead. A great way to have the beauty of a full meal in a small space is by having guests each bring a dish (stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc.). This saves you cooking time, only requiring you to heat each dish up if required! Delicious Thanksgiving Meals don’t necessarily have to be traditional, so feel free to have a bit of fun with menu preparations.

Rearrange Your Apartment To Maximize Space

Just because you’re working with a smaller space doesn’t mean guests have to feel cramped. Push your sofas aside and opt for a long foldable table with collapsible chairs. Once the meal is over, you can easily fold your chairs within minutes to store away. Bring back a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere for evening games and drinks.

Thanksgiving and Apartment Living

Hosting friends and family for a Thanksgiving meal in an apartment can be a wonderful day. Ensure to prepare and have your apartment arranged to accommodate everyone. Send each guest away with a bag of leftovers! Who doesn’t love turkey sandwiches the week after Thanksgiving? This way, you can keep your fridge tidy and avoid clean-ups with easy-to-fold tables and chairs. Your guests will be begging to come back!