Happy Halloween! — The phrase you will hear ringing through the streets as children, parent, and young adults alike partake in the holiday festivities. Halloween is the time where if you’re not a kid, you get to sort of act like one under the radar. Candy, parties, COSTUMES, what more could a kid a heart ask for? Feel like you’re going to be stuck inside this weekend? Don’t worry we have some tips on how you can bring the fun right into your apartment at The Landmark Lofts & Garden!



Who says you can only dress yourself up for Halloween? Bringing the spirit of the season into your home can be solved with a few decorations from your local party store! Grab some spooky gummies, chocolates, and more to create a candy bowl for yourself or trick-or-treaters.

Another way to transform your home’s décor is by buying some fake spider webs to place around your apartment. Nothing says spooky like a book case or ceiling corner with remnants of the creepy crawly.


Scary Movie Night

Also, another way to celebrate Halloween in your apartment is by having a scary movie night! Invite friend or two over or brave the moment and do it alone. There are so many streaming services like Netflix that add more to their horror selection during this time of year. Finding a scary film should be a piece of cake. Too many selections to choose from or not a horror movie fanatic? Try searching classic fright flicks like The Blob. This film has had several adaptations, but there is nothing like the original from 1958. Think an old movie can’t be scary? Try this one…if you dare.


Whatever you choose to do this Halloween season make sure you have a great time and enjoy the moment!