Apartment living can easily make you dread buying new stuff to avoid overloading your already filled-up space. This is especially true if you are a minimalist and you fancy a neat and organized space. Fortunately, you may not need to limit your shopping pattern if you apply the simple storage hacks discussed below to organize your apartment.

Decorating for the New Season While Storing Your Summer Accessories

One of the most crucial periods that may require a décor update is transitioning from one season to the next. If, for example, you are shifting from summer to fall, you want to store your summer accessories while you bring in some new fall decorations.

Now, autumn comes with popular holidays that involve heavy decorations like Halloween. This means you would replace the bright floral on your door post with fall garlands and bring in elements such as pumpkins and fall leaves as symbols of the season. Here is a list of ideas you could borrow to store your summer décor for reuse next time.

Storage Hacks

Multipurpose Furniture

If you are moving to a new apartment, it is crucial that you intentionally buy furniture that will not only serve as mood décor and add to your living room’s aesthetics but also, act as storage space for your belongings. For instance, instead of using an ordinary coffee table, you could get a storage ottoman that you could use to store extra blankets. Your TV stand could also come with drawers and shelves for storage.

Under-Bed Storage

Staying organized also means ensuring your belongings are out of sight. This is why using your under-bed space could be a brilliant idea!
All you need is a bed frame or built-in bed drawers under your bed and on the sides. Alternatively, you can keep your stuff in storage bins that fit the space under your bed.

Are You a Shoe Person?

If you are a shoe person, you probably own several pairs and counting. And, if there is anything that can take up your apartment space within a small period, it’s definitely shoes. So, buy a shoe rack – the most effective shoe-storage furniture will ensure your vertical space is optimized.

These Organizing Tips are Practical!

The above-explained storage tips are practical and easy to attain. All the amenities mentioned are available on the Landmark Lofts and Garden website. Try these easy and practical tips to make your living space comfortable and warm!